PROVINZIALE is an international film festival that shows many countries and places all over the world. This programme is dedicated to films which, in very different ways, turn the spotlight on our own region. Our Heimatfenster is a special screening area where films can be watched individually and all around the clock during the whole festival.

Bestandaufnahme 1990 bis 2020

EBERSWALDE–FINOW ‒ a survey 1990 / 2020

In 1990, the municipality commissioned Forstfilm Eberswalde with taking a cinematic inventory of the town. The crew members travelled from Finow through today’s Brandenburgisches Viertel and the centre to the Ostende neighbourhood, taking stock of the town’s visual appearance at the time. In 2020, the same commission was given out again, resulting in a montage of parallel imagery which reveals the changes that have taken place over 30 years.

PRODUCED BY Forstfilm/Sascha Leeske D 2020 26 min, no dialogue

Ersatzkirche Altwriezen
Groß Neuendorf

SHORT FILMS about cultural heritage sites in the Oderbruch

Cultural heritage sites ‒ these are local history parlours and village museums, archaeological and architectural monuments, pumping stations, boat mills and windmills, churches and farms. As a whole, they make tangible the cultural heritage of the Oderbruch. In spring 2022 the Oderbruch, as the first cultural landscape ever, was awarded the European Heritage Label. This is something special, because that a whole landscape area with all its heterogeneous elements and its manifold contradictions is understood and recognized as a coherent cultural heritage, requires a great collective effort.

In the realization of the films, the young people were supported by Johanna Ickert and Renè Arnold.

Cultural heritage site: the Altwriezen church replacement
A church that was once torn down is planned to be rebuilt. A film by six seventh-grade students of Salvador Allende School, Wriezen.

Cultural heritage site: Kulturhafen Groß Neuendorf
The documentary “Der Kulturhafen Groß Neuendorf” was made by young people from Ortwig, Groß Neuendorf, Letschin and Gusow. The Hafen used to be one of the biggest ports in the Oderbruch. Today it is a leisure and tourist attraction for locals, adolescents and visitors from elsewhere.

Cultural heritage site: the Oderberg Inland Shipping Museum
Jannes, Merle, Sarah, Richard and Julius live in Oderberg in the north of the Oderbruch. Their documentary “Land in Sicht” gives insights into their hometown’s history and future.

Cultural heritage site: the Wilhelmsaue post mill
A documentary about the post mill in Wilhelmsaue. Children and young adults who normally meet at the Boberhaus youth club in Letschin explore the history of the last post mill in the Oderbruch region.

PRODUCED BY Johanna Ickert and Renè Arnold

Schiffer 440

SHORT FILMS about the Oderberg Myths

The rediscovery of the Oderberg Myths led to a closer examination of the places where they are set and their relevance for the locals then and today. Thanks to the work of Theater OKNO, the stories and characters have become tangible again. The film shooting developed as a dialogue between photographer René Arnold, the actors and the places. Unintended moments contribute to richness and a lively atmosphere, as was intended by Heike Rocher and Beata Kana. Johanna Ickert gave shape to the abundance of bilingual sound and film recordings.

The Oderberg Drakes
Once upon a time, certain families in Oderberg owned a drake, which was a source of great wealth. It could be passed on to family members and thus secure the prosperity of future generations. But it had to be fostered and fed. When an elderly, ailing woman was no longer capable of looking after her drake, she called on her daughters to entrust it to their care.

The boatman and the Oder nymphs
On the banks of the Oder, passing boatmen used to see the most beautiful women hang out laundry. To them, they looked like nymphs dancing with the wind. Somewhere else, fisherwomen sat and mended nets, singing songs full of love and desire. The myth relates the story of two women, one bright as the sun, the other dark as the night.