BLOCK 1 / Eröffnungsabend I

Saturday, 14. October, 18pm


Todos los sonidos entran adentro / All Sounds Within / Alle Töne dringen ein

Todos los sonidos entran adentro / All Sounds Within / Alle Töne dringen ein

Germany, Spain / 2022 / Documentary / 26 min
OT ohne Di / UT -

Sheep, shepherds and dogs roaming between the branches of uprooted trees. The sheep stop to find a new passage. But the town is always present, with the shadow of a cable car or the outline of a rollercoaster above the trees, while the only sound is often the sheep's bleeting. On the nightly hill, lines become blurred, the town lights up and the countryside is resounding.

Salka Tiziana

Director: Salka Tiziana, Producer: Salka Tiziana,
Script: Salka Tiziana, Julia Ábalos, DoP: Tom Otte,
Editor: Salka Tiziana, Sound: Jakob Spengemann, Salka Tiziana, Music: -

Salka Tiziana (born 1992) split her childhood between Germany and Spain. She studied art history and social and cultural anthropology in Berlin as well as film in Hamburg and Buenos Aires.


Sunday, 15. October, 20pm


Border Conversations /  / Grenzgespräche

Border Conversations / / Grenzgespräche

Germany / 2022 / Documentary / 30 min
OT Polish / UT English

Equipped with a camera, Jonathan Brunner follows Karolina und Kornelia, two political activists in the Polish-Belarusian border region. In the middle of a primeval forest plain, protected as UNESCO world heritage, migrants have no protection, and the women receive desperate calls for help every day. Their attemtps to help those people, abandoned and close to death, they have to learn that humanitarian help can hardly subvert the cynical policies of opposing rulers.

Jonathan Brunner

Director: Jonathan Brunner, Producer: Tristan Schneider,
Script: /, DoP: Marie Scholjegerdes,
Editor: Samuel Albert, Sound: Marc Lehnert, Music: Frederic Hellmann

Jonathan Brunner (born 1996) works as a documentary and commercial director. In 2020 he earned a Bachelor's degree in media design at Mainz University. Since the autumn of 2020, he has been studying documentary film direction at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.


Wednesday, 18. October, 18pm


Se alquilan lavadoras / Washers for Rent / Waschmaschinenverleih

Se alquilan lavadoras / Washers for Rent / Waschmaschinenverleih

Colombia, n/a / 2022 / Documentary / 17 min
OT Spanish / UT English

Don Luis works in the Potosí neighbourhood of Bogotà, Colombia. His job is to ensure that the families in the neighbourhood are granted their right to human dignity. The film gives us an intimate glimpse into people's daily lives. Wardrobes with clean clothes are opened. Being clothed is a human right, and Don Luis shies no effort to make it come true.

Jeferson Romero Ruiz

Director: Jeferson Romero Ruiz, Producer: Carolina Dorado,
Script: Jeferson Romero, DoP: Carlos Garzon,
Editor: Paloma Rincón, Sound: Oscar Diaz, Music: Luis Javier Agamez

Producer and director of La Última Vaca, Five Pilgrim Tales, Dulce de Mujer and A Canoe Without a River, selected at various festivals. He has participated in short films that benefit from the FDC, such as “Corteza” and “Días de Fuga”. He was part of Talents Buenos Aires in 2017.


Thursday, 19. October, 20pm


Geamăna /

Geamăna /

Germany / 2022 / Documentary / 30 min
OT Romanian / UT English

A long time ago, Geamăna was a village of roughly one thousand people in Romania's Apuseni Mountains. Today, only its spire sticks out of a sea of toxic sludge from a nearby copper mine. Almost all of the houses have sunken into the bog, their inhabitants fled. Only a few stick to their homeland. On the brink of the past and threatened by the future, Valeria Praţa tries to eke out a living in the present.

Matthäus Wörle

Director: Matthäus Wörle, Producer: Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (Paul Scholten),
Script: Matthäus Wörle, DoP: Max Kölbl,
Editor: Felicitas Sonvilla, Matthäus Wörle, Sound: Matthäus Wörle, Music: Giuliano Loli

Matthäus Wörle graduated as a journalist from Eichstätt-Ingolstadt University and then completed a scholarship in video journalism with Mediencampus Bayern. He worked for the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, the Bayerischer Rundfunk broadcasting institution and the Nautilusfilm production company. Today he is a freelancing video journalist and simultaneously studies documentary film direction at HFF Munich.


Friday, 20. October, 18pm


Почта адамы / Postman / Der Postbote

Почта адамы / Postman / Der Postbote

Kyrgyzstan / 2022 / Documentary / 25 min
OT Kyrgyz / UT English

In his new documentary, Ibadylla Adzhibaev, whose film "The Teacher" was part of our festival already four years ago, shows us the work of a postman at the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Highly esteemed by the retired, he walks many kilometres every day to deliver pension payments in time. The glimpse into daily life in a Central-Asian region considered remote by our standards gives us hope for a happier global coexistence.

Ibadylla Adzhibaev

Director: Ibadylla Adzhibaev, Producer: Saida Kudaiberdieva,
Script: Ibadylla Adzhibaev, DoP: Zholdosh Akmataliev,
Editor: Tynchtykbek Akimaliev, Sound: Alymbek Tursunbayev, Music: -

Adzhibaev Ibadilla Khalilovich was born in Sulukta, Koltso station. In 1987 he graduated the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute with a degree in Medical Science. From 2015 to 2017, he studied in the workshop of Temir Birnazarov of the Tazar film company. Being a doctor by profession, oncogynecologist-radiologist, and psychologist (1987-2002).


Friday, 20. October, 18pm


Хороший доктор / The Good Doctor / Der gute Doktor

Хороший доктор / The Good Doctor / Der gute Doktor

Russian Federation / 2023 / Documentary / 27 min
OT Russian / UT English

Being a doctor, Konstantin Valeryevich Kolpakov is the only medical professional in a small settlement of the Altai region near the Russian-Kazakh border. Poorly equipped but with a lot of commitment he wants not only to cure people but also to revitalise the slowly dying village. But even here, far away from the events, the war impacts the daily lives of everyone.

Sergey Lukyanchenko

Director: Sergey Lukyanchenko, Producer: Julia Novichenko,
Script: Sergey Lukyanchenko, DoP: Nikita Zonov,
Editor: Denis Nazarov, Sergey Lukyanchenko, Sound: Aleksandr Demianov, Music: -

Sergey Lukyanchenko born on August 6, 1994 in the village of Zhukovskoye, Rostov Region. In 2016 he finished the Rostov Basic Medical College, specializing in Emergency Medical Assistant. In 2022 he finished the Workshop of A.N. Sokurova "Director of a feature and documentary film, director of editing" at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television.


Friday, 20. October, 18pm


Kayu Besi /

Kayu Besi /

Germany, Indonesien / 2022 / Documentary / 28 min
OT Bahasa Indonesia / UT English

A group of men work as loggers in Indonesian West Papua. Their work is deemed illegal but seems to be the only way to earn a livelihood for their families, dangerous and exhausting as it is. But at least when the film shows how the timber is carried off in small batches, it also reminds us of a questionable trade chain whose other end is an international market with an insatiable appetite for a scarce resource.


Director: Andrianus "Oetjoe" Merdhi, Max Sänger, Producer: Max Sänger,
Script: Andrianus "Oetjoe" Merdhi, Max Sänger, DoP: Max Sänger,
Editor: Max Sänger, Sound: Francesca Bertin, Music: Max Gausepohl, Niklas Wienböker, Hadi Abilmona

Max Sänger is a film director and photographer based in Hamburg, where he studied documentary film at the University of Visual Arts. His films have been shown at various festivals and awarded several prizes. "Kayu Besi" was the graduation film that earned him his Master's degree.