5th Day of the 19th PROVINZIALE – Images 2022

Day 5 of the 19th PROVINZIALE

The ninth film block consisted of two “cinematic symphonies,” each dealing with hard physical labor. While the short documentary “You can’t automate me” by Katarina Jazbec was filmed with dockworkers in Rotterdam, the long documentary that followed, “Veins of Amazon” by Álvaro Sarmiento, Terje Toomistu and Diego Sarmiento, was set in Peru and staged the work of load carriers on a delivery ship that supplies people along the river with essential food.

In the tenth block, Manuel Bauer presented his long (and long-running) documentary Vida Férrea – again a Peruvian setting, but this time along a railroad line that stretches from mining in the Andes to Lima.

In the festival shed, which this time was transformed into an Irish pub with whisky and music, we showed “Ann’s Pub” for the second time, this time in the presence of producer Frank Matter, who afterwards gave insights into his work in a conversation with Thomas Winkelkotte.

Impressions Day 5