In every single one of our four competitions, there will be nothing but an audience award this year. In order for you to make a qualified judgment, you will have more time now to decide. Apart from the last night of competitions, votes will be accepted until the following evening, so you can take your time to talk to each other, to the filmmakers or to the festival team. We would be especially pleased to receive written comments in our GUEST BOOK, which we might then read out at the award ceremony – because without a jury, no other kind of laudation is usually available. So please join in, talk to each other and share your impressions. We are curious to learn about your judgment.

  • Audience Award the “e” Documentary 4,000 EUR
    donated by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy of the State of Brandenburg
  • Audience Award the “e” short documentary 2.000 EUR,
    donated by the mayor of the city of Eberswalde
  • Audience Award the “e” short feature film 2.000 EUR,
    donated by Sparkasse Barnim
  • Audience award the “e” animated film 2.000 EUR,
    donated by Wohnungsbau- und Hausverwaltungs GmbH Eberswalde
Der Stachel

"THE PRICKEL" - only jury prize 2022

Like last year, there will be only one jury award in 2022. The STACHEL will be awarded to one film across all genres and all of our four competitions. We are looking for a convincing cinematic work to target a special range of topics: How can we organise our lives within the places and landscapes we live in? In the face of the gigantic appropriation of nature we undertake and the momentum it has developed, can we find a smart step forward, or will we be taken in by false promises? This is sustainability viewed as an open question, not a final answer. In a time when even Davos proclaims glad tidings of sustainability, we want to honour films that give us doubt and strength to make progress in this debate.

  • Special Award ” THE PRICKLE” for the best cinematic examination of the sustainability issue 2,000 EUR
    donated by Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development and Kreiswerke Eberswalde

The following entries have been nominated by our programme board members:

Long Documentary

    Peru 2021
    Argentina, Bolivia 2020
    Peru, Spain 2021

Short Documentary

    Austria 2021
    Kyrgyzstan 2021

Short Feature Film

    Greece 2021
  • CARNÉ·E·S,
    France 2021
    Spain 2022

Animated Film

    Switzerland 2021


Matthias Barth
Prof. Dr. Matthias Barth

Prof Dr Matthias Barth
Matthias Barth has been President of Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development since September 2021. He has made a name for himself home and abroad through his expertise in academic education for sustainable development, focusing on development of competences, innovative learning environments and curriculum development. Matthias Barth graduated in Environmental Science, earned a PhD in Educational Studies in 2007 and qualified as a professor in Sustainability Science at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg in 2011.

Saskia Schartow
Saskia Schartow

Saskia Schartow
After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Geography at Freie Universität Berlin and a Master of Engineering in Renewable Resources and Energies at Göttingen University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Saskia Schartow has been in charge of the BARshare mobility project at Barnim District Utilities since October 2018, while completing an extra-occupational Master’s degree in Municipal Management at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development.
Under her management, the municipal mobility offer for e-car sharing in the rural area of Barnim has garnered great resonance and interest beyond the region. In addition to the development of BARshare, Saskia Schartow is also responsible for the extension of the public electrical charging infrastructure in the district. She sees the creative cultural perspectives offered by events like Provinziale as an inspiration and enrichment for sustainable infrastructural development, which is why she is looking forward to working on the jury for this year’s Stachel award with great pleasure.

Florian Manns
Florian Manns

Florian Manns
For two years now, Florian Manns has been roaming Eberswalde‘s municipal woords as the town‘s appointed forester. He completed studies at Rottenburg University of Applied Forest Sciences and then earned himself a Master‘s degree in Sustainable Economy at Universität Kassel. His broad range of both forest-related knowledge and practical experience is complemented by his general interest in sustainable ways of using natural resources. In this context, he also worked at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental research in Leipzig on approaches to integrating the effects of (over-)use of natural resources into political decision-making processes.