Moni is at the Provinziale

A new urban installation for our festival by Katja Ziebarth and Sven Wallrath

This year, we will try out a new urban installation project. As we had to move to the more spacious Haus Schwärzetal for the third time now in face of persisting insecurity about the conditions in autumn, we began to question the concept of our beloved Gateway to the Province, which used to be installed in front of Paul Wunderlich Haus and, after all, had the purpose of being an entrance gate to the festival.
So we decided to decentralise our visual landmark this time and offer various installations on the sites of our supporters and sponsors all over the town instead. They will be dedicated to the relationship between private and public urban spaces. After more than two years of restrictions on socialising, this also relates to the value of shared cultural and cinematic experiences. Throughout the last two winters, whenever we watched films, it would be in the intimacy of our living rooms. These are comfortable and cozy places, no doubt, but they lack something, and that is cinema as a social event, a subject of discussion, a reason to meet people and a source of shared laughter or horror. The photographic arrangements which will be shown during the festival all over Eberswalde are meant to visualise this vacancy.
The project will be put in place by our team members Katja Ziebarth and Sven Wallrath.