Stadtraumprojekt 2023


COME AND SEE – A collage on this year’s festival programme

Come and see the world through the eyes of filmmakers – there are not usually a lot of other ways to do so. Yes, you can travel, read books, watch TV reportage or, even better, talk to people from other countries. Still, the possibilities to get to know other people’s worlds, lives and landscapes that way are limited. Provinziale opens up another window to bring you a fresh outlook on the world and let it enter your hearts and minds – sometimes at the risk of bringing your heads to the bursting point. COME AND SEE, the collage, unites themes from the 33 films of this year’s festival and a photograph by Torsten Stapel from 2022. The pictures were taken from posters, still photographs and other photographic resources. We’d like to thank the authors as well as the person who supplied the eye.

A warm thank you also to WHG Eberswalde Building and Housing Company for booking the billboards for us. If a livable town needs special films, this applies all the more in the province.

Lars Fischer, September 2023