PROVINZIALE, the Film Festival Eberswalde, will be held for the 16th time in 2019. From now on up to May 1st, we invite film makers from all over the world to send their productions to us as entries.

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We are expecting films that fit into the frame of the Provinziale programme: territorial reference, management of resources, arriving, leaving, staying on and creating – landscape, region or place becoming visible as major players in human lives. Our competitions are characterized by manifests that can be viewed online.

Based on the entries, a twelve-person Programme Advisory Board organizes the films for the following four international competitions:

Short documentary (up to 45 minutes): The films should have a clear thematic reference to the Provinziale programme. About eight films will be selected for the competition. A prize of € 1.000 will be awarded by the audience.

Long documentary (more than 45 minutes: The films cannot be entered directly but are invited for viewing by our Programme Advisory Board. Up to April 1st, applications can be made by email to The Jury Award for the best overall cinematic achievement of about eight to nine competitors is endowed with € 4.000, donated by the Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Land of Brandenburg. There will also be an Audience Award endowed with € 1.000, donated by the Mayor of Eberswalde.

Short feature film (up to 30 minutes): For selecting the films, emphasis will be placed on the territorial reference of the stories developed in them. About 14 films will be selected for the competition. A Jury Award for the best overall cinematic achievement is endowed with € 2.000. There will also be an Audience Award, the amount of € 1.000 will be donated by the Barnim Savings Bank.

Animation (max. 20 minutes): There will be no thematic restrictions for animation films, but we ask the applicants to pay attention to the programmatic statements in the Manifest of the Programme Advisory Board (“skin and stone”). There will be an Audience Award for one of the eight to ten films selected, which is endowed with € 1.000.

In addition, the Programme Advisory Board will nominate some films from all four competitions for the special award “The Sting”. This is awarded for the best cinematic challenge to the problem of sustainability. The prize money is donated by the College for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde.

A film award from Provinziale carries the name “the e”. All the awards will be handed over at the festive award presentation on October 19th, 2019, at 20:00 hours.